Arboricultural Services we provide:
Tree and Shrub Pruning, Technical Tree Removal, Cabling and Bracing, & Fertilization and Pest Control

Tree and Shrub Pruning

We at alpine arborist are trained and educated in the most current pruning techniques and industry standards. This means that your trees will receive the care needed based on species specific needs and current vigor in order to promote long term health and structural integrity as well as aesthetics.

Technical Tree Removal

In the event that a tree needs to be removed and particularly in close proximity to a house or other structure, it is very important to hire someone with the capabilities of bringing it down in a safe and controlled manner. We at alpine arborist have extensive experience in climbing and technical rigging which enables us to bring a tree down in close quarters in a safe and calculated manner.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing are two different techniques used to help preserve the structural integrity of trees that have hazardous growth defects such as co-dominant trunks with included bark at the trunk junction. This condition can make the tree suseptable to failure especially in high winds or snow load. Not all trees with this condition are candidates for cabling or bracing, but a comprehensive assessment of the tree will determine its viability.

We at alpine arborist are proud to offer experienced installation of Cobra Dynamic Tree Cabling Systems. This is a state of the art cabling system that provides a compromised tree the necessary structural support without the negative aspects of steel cable. For more information on this system please request a site visit.

Fertilization and Pest Control

Plant health care or PHC focuses on techniques to help boost the health and vigor of declining trees as well as identify and treat the presence of a pest.

Trees particularly newly planted trees that are showing signs of chlorosis, a yellowing of foliage, brown spots, trunk cankers and even porcupine damage may be treated or prevented.

We have many products and techniques available to us for a variety of issues so before you loss a costly tree be sure to contact us at the first signs of a problem.


Silvicultural Services we provide:
Timber stand improvement, beetle kill restoration, S.A.D.S restoration, soil health restoration, mycoforestry practices, habitat conservation, forest health and aesthetics, and consulting services.


Mycoforestry is an ecological forest management system implemented to enhance forest ecosystems and plant communities through the introduction of mycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi. Mycoforestry is considered a type of permaculture and can be implemented as a beneficial component of an agroforestry system. Mycoforestry can enhance the yields of tree crops and produce edible mushrooms, an economically valuable product. By integrating plant-fungal associations into a forestry management system, native forests can be preserved, wood waste can be recycled back into the ecosystem, planted restoration sites are enhanced, and the sustainability of forest ecosystems are improved. Mycoforestry is an alternative to the practice of clearcutting, which removes dead wood from forests, thereby diminishing nutrient availability and reducing soil depth.

Alpine Arborist has been using mycorrhizae as a soil supplement in new tree plantings for over a decade. We now have started to implement the application of beneficial fungi in large scale forest improvement projects in an effort to improve the soil quality in forests .

Fire Mitigation

Fire mitigation has undeniably become one of the most important landscape improvements a land owner can make. Creating effective defensible space and reducing excessive forest wildfire fuels can dramatically reduce the proliferation of a wildfire and ultimately save a community.

Forest Health management:

Alpine Arborist utilizes many different techniques to address the myriad symptoms which can exist in a forest ecosystem. These techniques include timber stand improvement cutting, mycoforestry, mulching, and fertilization.

Construction clearing:

One of the best practices a builder or homeowner can make prior to excavation is to hire a certified arborist to consult and cut for a building site. Alpine Arborist can provide a comprehensive site plan that incorporates a long term synergy between the structure and its forest surroundings.

Hydro Mulching:

Or hydro ax mulching utilizes specialized equipment to thin or clear large land plats. The equipment used is efficient in its purpose of reducing poor quality trees to useable mulch for soil quality improvement.

Beetle kill and S.A.D.S restoration:

These two forest health problems have been the leading causes of widespread tree mortality in the region. The approach to restoring the health of forests effected by these disorders is unique in its technique and requires a well informed arborist to make lasting improvements to forest health.


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