As a business operator and nature enthusiast I believe very strongly in preserving the environment to the best of my abilities. In addition to maintaining a commitment to low-impact operations in forested environments, all of the material i.e. wood chips, brush, and logs are either reused or recycled. Nothing goes to a landfill. Ever. All of my equipment is diesel and runs on a minimum of B20 Biodiesel. Chain saws use plant based bar oil with beneficial fungi supplement to inoculate stumps and accelerate the decay process to encourage regeneration.

I utilize only non-spill fuel containers for equipment re- fueling. It is my goal to minimize hauling distances and eagerly await the conception of an organic waste recycling facility in San Miguel County. I welcome any input on how I can become a more environmentally friendly company.


We use state of the art machinery and equipment combined with industry leading techniques to execute any project safely and efficiently. We are current with OSHA and ANZI standards and maintain a commitment to following these industry guidelines.

We are tree climbing specialists which means we have nearly limitless resources to complete any tree job without compromise.

Only no spill containers are used on site to prevent introduction of harmful chemicals to the environment.

Why Hire a Certified Arborist

The governing body of the certification process is the International Society of Arboriculture. In order to achieve certification a candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of trees, tree care and the role they play in there environment. The areas of study include but are not limited to: tree identification and selection, soil and fertilization, tree pruning and care, tree work safety and regulations, and tree biology. Once a candidate has studied the myriad of resource material available they may take the certification exam.

Passing the exam is only part of the importance of becoming certified. Beyond the test is the exposure to industry publications and programs to continue education in the industry. A certified arborist is required to maintain certification through continuing education units provided in many different venues.

A certified arborist typically exhibits a commitment to professionalism in the industry and has a base of knowledge required in doing the work in question.

Certification does not replace experience but is a vital addition.

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